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Share photos and contacts

Choose what you want to Fliq You can select a photo from your iPhoto Library or drag and drop an image file from anywhere on your Mac to the Fliq window. It sends instantly.

Create, sort and send notes

Fliq NotesFliq lets you create, sort, categorize and send notes, memos and just about any text from your Mac. Select a note or memo from Mark/Space Notebook (included), drag and drop any text file and 'fliq' it. There are lots of ways to make sending and receiving notes fast, fun and productive.

Plus, with the included Mark/Space Notebook you can view, save, sort, search and categorize your notes however you wish.

Update and share tasks

Fliq makes it easy to manage your tasks and to do lists and share tasks with others, like colleagues at work or family members for projects around the house.

Drag and drop to share documents

Send and receive all kinds of documents, including PDFs, Word, Excel, text and web pages and open them for viewing and editing in the applications you already use.

Fliq for Mac: A great desktop companion for iPhone

The Mac version of Fliq works perfectly with Fliq for the iPhone, Fliq Notes, Fliq Tasks and Fliq Docs. With the free Fliq apps for iPhone and iPod touch, you can send - to and from - all of your notes, documents, tasks, photos and more with Fliq for Mac or Fliq for Windows PC.

Get Fliq

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sync send and share files over wifi. Learn about more Mark/Space software products for iPhone and iPod touch, for the Mac and Windows PC.

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